Gary Allen

Founder of EMC West, Inc. has been in the motion picture marketing business for over 40 years. Starting out as a film editor for the first east coast trailer company, he was the co-founder of Utopia Productions , which became the premiere film advertising company of its day. Over the years he has created award winning trailers, television spots, radio spots, poster and ad campaigns, music videos, promo reels and e.p.k.'s (electronic press kits) for every major and several minor companies.


Barbara Toennies

EMC founder Barbara Toennies is an award winning filmmaker with a background in news production, public relations and motion picture marketing. For the past fifteen years, Barbara has been involved in the publicity campaigns for most Walt Disney Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and Touchstone Pictures releases for Buena Vista Distribution. She has written and produced ABC Network interstitials, Starz specials and HBO specials for both Walt Disney and Dreamworks SKG

Most recently, she has written and produced full- length documentaries for the platinum edition DVDs for Bambi and Mary Poppins as well as a syndicated special “Achieving The Incredibles” for Walt Disney Pictures and “Behind the Music in Princess Diaries 2” for ABC Family Network. Recent celebrity achievement reels include tributes to Garry Marshall, Woody Allen and Christopher Walken.


Todd Roisman

Todd Roisman has produced dozens of high profile tributes and promotional reels for some of Hollywood’s top stars and producers including Jerry Bruckheimer, Don Hahn, and M. Night Shyamalan.. He is the post-production specialist at EMC and keeps the technology on the cutting edge.


Debra Dion

An alumni of UCLA Film and Television School, Debra returns to the EMC fold from the world of independent production, where she has produced many made-for-video family features, including MAGIC ISLAND and DRAGONWORLD. Her experience in the marketing of those films and the many others she was involved in make her a perfect fit for the requirements of DVD special programming and the world of theatrical internet advertising.


Charlie Visnic

Charlie Visnic has worked on EMC's most award winning and well reviewed projects such as MARY POPPINS, BAMBI and THE INCREDIBLES. He is also producing a Full length documentary under the EMC banner about the lives of struggling, undiscovered comics.