"On this disc is a clever innovative treat.   Most of us are used to films being released DVD that contain audio tracks from directors, producers, or cast members providing their commentary on the film itself or the process of creating it or acting in it, and these have become desired features for many fro film aficionados and historians to the lay viewer.   Since many members of the creative team that produced Bambi have passed on, Disney has taken the intriguing step of taking the detailed transcripts from the original team's story meeting and bringing those worlds to life with a group of talented voice actors.   Hosted by Patrick Stewart, this piece allows viewers "to be a fly on the wall" during Walt Disney's story meetings with his creative thought processes that produced such a memorable film.   The voice acting is set against the playing of the film and is interspersed with picture-in-picture vintage photos. Live action cuts of the actual artists work, still art pencil sketches, and storyboards that really make the creative evolution of Bambi come to life."  

Anthony Renauldo